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Culture integrates - Integration creates culture

Carolina Calderón Culture & Integration wants to break down boundaries and overcome distances between artists, cultural associations and audiences. This to create better professional opportunities, gain access to new markets, job creation in cultural and creative sectors, promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, increase and expand the audience, establish associations, contact networks and expand the language. All this sustainable and with a multilingual perspective.​

Our target group

There are a large number of professional musicians who come from different parts of the world to settle in Sweden. These musicians need to find new channels to increase their career opportunities both nationally and internationally and to enable them to also make a living from music creation.

Musicians from all over the world who want to have contact and collaborate with each other

Music has a stimulating function that makes us identify ourselves and remember

events from our past, at the same time the music is an artifact that makes communication 

and meeting with others possible.   Musical expressions vary depending on

each culture, as well as the meaning that each person attaches to it. In this

travel made by immigrant artists, from the moment they leave their country and arrive at another.

artists also carry with them the musicality of their own existence

We strive for

- To increase and strengthen artists' contact networks nationally and internationally.

- Expand the Swedish language with a multilingual perspective.

- Find new cultural platforms.

- Start your own as an artist.

- Trade union issues.

- Communicate knowledge in digital work.

- Project management for cultural projects.

- Application for cultural support.

- Promote association life.

- Arrange events, concerts, lectures, workshops, among others

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