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Carolina Calderón

Projektledare & Kulturarbetare -

I want to set the tone for integration efforts

With music as a unifying force, I want to help artists from other countries to establish themselves and create a life in Sweden.

Integration and fruitful encounters between different cultures have long been close to my heart. I came to Sweden from Chile fourteen years ago and have my own experiences of how difficult it can be to establish oneself in a new country. But in music, I found a bridge into society and fellowship with others.

There are many things that slow down us immigrants. But in music there is an automatic community. You do not need a special language, you understand each other anyway. It's a lot about emotions. You get an opportunity to express frustration, joy or hope. The music helped me make contacts and find jobs.

That is why I have dedicated my life to giving others the same opportunities. For a number of years I have run various integration projects in Skåne with music as a common denominator.


Ring oss 

076 - 6319594  (Malmö, Sweden)

It is young entrepreneurs who belong to our team

Our army is the music

We think that Music is another dimension where people speak one and the same language. A dimension of rights and community. Music for us is a world that we can rhyme with to resume a feeling we lack. Everything from peace, remorse, anger, joy and simply all our emotions.

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