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Our bank of musicians

Here we present artists from all over the world who have chosen to collaborate with us.

Musicians around the world adapt to prevailing circumstances by switching physical performance rooms to virtual ones.

Together we find creative solutions to keep people connected during a pandemic that separates us.

We want to be a movement created to inspire and unite the world through music.

Through this collaboration and this artist bank, we want to be a forum where musicians can be seen and get help to reach out.

This is an important part of our integration work.

Harriet Kyoloba living in Helsinborg, Sweden

Musician, songwriter, model, blogger, dancer.

Samir Mehmed from Macedonia. Living in Göteborg, Sweden.

Musician, music teacher.

Carita Boronska from Poland/Sweden

Musician, songwriter,music and film producer § teacher.

Javier Manik

Musician, songwriter from Urugual living in Malmö, Sweden

Emira Velic Sundkvist. From Bosnien living in Malmö, Sweden

Singer & Songwriter

Gitte Pålsson from Sweden living in Malmö

Songwriter, music teacher, artist

Javan Paul living in Nairobi, Kenya

Artist, poet, songwriter & social activist

Sonoras Mil

Musicians & songwriters living in Bogotá, Colombia

Renato Torres

Singer & songwriter living in Monteiro, Brazilian

Oscar Playud, Musician

Living in Corrientes, Argentina

Julián Benavides. Musician, producent, composer & songwriter

From Colombia. Living in Malmö, Sweden.