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We hope you will be inspired and encouraged to contact the world's artists to exchange experiences and ideas.

Mikkel Andersen

Mikkel Andersen is recognized in Denmark and abroad as an interpreter of both traditional and more modern and experimental music and thereby has a role as a pioneer and innovator of modern guitar music.

Mikkel Andersen has released three solo CDs, which are often played in P2 on DR.

In his album trilogy, Mikkel Andersen gives classical music from earlier times a touching and modern expression, while other parts of the music move from an atmosphere of soulful mornings to magically dusty evenings.

He is the founder an owner of Copenhagen Guitar School, where he teaches classical guitar to children and adults together with two employees.

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Gitte Pålsson


I am a singer, songwriter and musician. Runs my own record company. As a trained rhythm teacher and music therapist, I have freelanced as an artist for more than 30 years in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Peru and Bolivia. During the 80's I worked as a volunteer in Bolivia for the association Swallows and therefore the Bolivian music and its people are close to my heart.

For many years I have written my own songs, but it was only when I turned 40 that I started to take my own material seriously. I then decided to make a dream come true - to release my own songs on CD. I had no idea how it would go. In addition, I lacked financial resources and all record companies that were contacted said no. When it became too many NO, NO, NO. Then I thought "If no one wants to release my music, I'll start a record company myself". And in that way it is ...

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Julián Benavides


My name is Julián Benavides, musician, producer, composer and songwriter from Colombia.  

In 2007 I created the band Irissintética, a project that was born from the experimentation with electronic and electrical media as a source of sound production and editing.  This music is strongly influenced by music from around the world, both of the academic and of the popular prospects. 

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in cultural studies, "critical studies in the humanities" at the University of Malmö in Sweden.

I am very excited to be part of this beautiful community of world musicians to be able to show my material, create new contacts and why not try to make music together. 

Regards Julián. 

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Emira Velic Sundkvist


My name is Emira Velic Sundkvist.  I am a 55 year old woman who originally comes from Bosnia and I am living in Malmö, Sweden.  My passion is, among other, music, theater and issues relating to Womens rights. 

In Bosnia, I completed my training as a translator into French, Russian and Latin.  This led to that I quickly completed the interpreter training at Medborgarskolan in Sweden and I am working as an interpreter since many years.  In addition, I wanted to work in the psycho-social area, that is why I finished my vocational training as a Social educator and treatment assistant in Söderköping, Sweden.  


Since 1993 until now I've been working in various women's associations in Malmö as Integration, culture and information manager, study circle leader for children and teacher in mother tongue.  

In 2007 I grunded the organisation IFT, "International Folkbildnings Teatern for women".  With the help of culture, music and theater we support women due to various traumas they have been through because of wars.  

I wrote and directed three theater plays about integration.  The play "undocumented"(2006) is about vulnerable women who were waiting for a residence permit and their stories that became a book.  The play "Sorrow meets joy" (2010) was presented and very well received by different associations in Malmö such as: Macedonian, Albanian and Russian associations, and the play "Women´s Journey in Stories" where a series of poems and songs were developed in 2011.   I wrote and translated my collection of poems "Hodaci cestama", which was converted later into a musical for children.  It has the pedagogical proposal to learn easy and playfully the Swedish language.  

Today I write music for international female artists and I am working on my first Album. I want to inspire women to live life with joy, passion and hope.

Regards Emira! 

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Oscar Playuk

In 2000, Oscar had his first professional appearance, together with the Argentine folk group "Los Criollos del Taragui", also editing his first musical recording.  Then he continued his artistic career collaborating with various artists until 2004, when he received the invitation from the celebrated Argentinian master of bandoneon "Paquito Aranda".  Together with the "Libreño" they develop a musical journey for 4 years participating in recordings for the "GLD music label of Argentina" where he contributes with his first work, the Chamame "La enchamigada", composed together with Maestro Aranda.

In 2009, Oscar joined the "Grupo Folclórico Identidad", together with Sebastián Sánchez, Guillermo Morales, Richy Garrido and Christian Franco with whom he toured stages in the Corrientes region, recording a material entitled "Esperándote".  Later he settled in the town of "Gobernador Virasoro" (Corrientes) where he formed the group "Che Trío Porá" together with the guitarist Sebastián Fernández and the singer Ramiro Rodríguez. With this folkloric group he has made presentations on stages in Buenos Aires and the Litoral, such as the "National Chamame Party", the "Yerba Mate Party", as well as radio and television auditions.  In 2016 he edited together with "Che Trío Porá" the album "Hermanos", which was produced independently by the group.

In 2021 he is part as accordionist and musical director of the Album "My awakening" by the singer Veronica Noguera released on February 17.  

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Renato Torres

Renato Cerqueira de Santana Torres is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who was born in

Brazil, in 1993.  His mother was a choral manager at the church where he grew up, which

means that, at the beginning, his vocal style was most shaped by the Brazilian gospel artists.

In his career as a singer, he worked with some very famous groups of traditional Brazilian

music in Brazil, which brought him very worthy experiences. Torres never hid his passion

and love for english music and singers, and he often assumes that his biggest inspiration as

a singer and songwriter is Mariah Carey.  Nowadays, he is a Portuguese teacher in Brazil

and releases on social media authorial materials as always as possible.  Regards Renato!

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Bernt Törnblom


I am Bernt Törnblom ! 

I am a trained carpenter and I have more than 30 years of experience as a troubadour and songwriter.  Born in 1949, Sweden.  


I have been named Bellman´s Singer of the Year three times.

In Stockholm, I received the troubadour ​award from the Nils Ferlin Society and the Evert Taube Society. I have toured in theaters around Sweden with a classical ensemble. I have played all over the Nordic Region, including the Faroe Islands. 

 I have played Bellman in Germany, for the Swedish-Americans in Chicago, I have toured in Argentina with musicians from Buenos Aires.  Now, 62 of my own songs have  finally come out in a beautiful book "Bernt Törnblom Sånger".

Read more about me and listen my songs on my social media, Youtube channel and website, Thanks! 

Horacio Pueyrredón

Hi!  I am Horacio Pueyrredón! 

From a very young age, I accompanied, with guitar and singing, my mother in her recitals at the San Martín Sala Casacuberta Theater and at the Buenos Aires Book Fair.

In 1999 I was a member of a folk group ATHORAY. With this group we participated in the Ayacucho 2000 Festival, and in other festivals in Buenos Aires. On July 20, 2001 we performed at the Casa de la Cultura in Avenida de Mayo 575 Buenos Aires.

In 2000 I opened a Restaurant Peña in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where many renowned artists participated.

In 2007 I traveled to Spain and opened a restaurant where not only typical Argentine dishes were eaten but our music was also sung. While in Spain I toured several cities taking our Argentine folklore.

In 2018 I was invited by Carolina Calderon to Malmö Sweden. Together with Lucio Saavedra we performed in various places in that city.

In 2019 I was invited by Rody Cáceres to sing in the city of Bonn, Germany.

Regards Horacio.  ​

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Florencia & Fiorela Gallay González

Hi everyone! 

We are Florencia and Fiorela Gallay González, we are 15 and 16 years old.  We are from the town of Los Cóndores, Córdoba, Argentina.   And we are a duo of Argentine folklore (While we love all genres and styles of music and sing a bit of everything, we love to sing folklore).

We always liked to sing since we were  4 years old.  We always did it as a family, as a hobby. The first time we sang on stage was when we were 11 and 12 years old in a "Peña" at our school Dr. Abraham Molina Institute (IDAM).

When we sang there, the people of our town liked it a lot and we received many congratulations, many affections.  It was unforgettable!   Later, when other people got to know us, we started singing in the other schools.   And then in the areas of the province of Córdoba. 

Then we had the great pleasure of singing at Villa General Yacanto. Where we sing the Argentine national anthem, one of the most important songs in Argentina, which represent us as a country. It was a real pride to be able to do it.  Later, we participated in a contest in the town of La Cruz where we won and we were awarded with singing on the main stage of the same town. (It was an extraordinary night).

We LOVE THE ART IN ALL ASPECTS.! We love to sing, act, dance, play instruments, and compose songs.  For us, music is like breathing, we wouldn't imagine not doing it.

We are really very grateful to everyone who makes all this possible, people and their beautiful comments, the positive vibes and all the love and affection they give us to continue growing, progressing and forming us on this long and beautiful path.   And of course very grateful for all the support, affection and love that our family gives us.

REGARDS Floriencia & Fiorela.  

Carita Boronska

CARITA BORONSKA is a Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Voice Over Artist, Storyteller and Film Composer.

She has released 2 solo-albums, one with the band Mukti Chill, collaborated on several other albums as well as recordings. She has composed and written music for 3 feature films, many short films, documentaries as well as publicity/other media works. She has also specialized in recording and arranging vocals as well as Voice-Overs/Speaker. She is a frequent performer with her main band as well as a solo-artist.

CARITA BORONSKA was born in Uppsala, Sweden.

19-years old she won the "Young Composer/Writers Award" selected by STIM (Swedish Author Society).

She studied music, arts, singing, film and scriptwriting in Denmark for 3 years and and after that she was granted a Scholarship from Berklee College of Music that she attended

for a 2-year Diploma. At Berklee she won

the annual Songwriting Competion 2 years

in a row, and she also studied some Filmscoring.

Besides singing, teaching vocals and writing songs CARITA has composed music for Film & TV.

She has released 2 solo-albums as well as numerous songs on various Soundtracks and compilition albums; including THE BEAT GOES ON which was the maintheme of the Spanish film Living it Up (La Gran Vida) starring Salma Hayek & Carmelo Gomez.

CARITA is also working as a VOICE OVER artist, recording speakers and voice overs mainly for webfilms.

Javier Manik

Javier Manik.  

The people I meet on the streets all over the world, they write my songs. Their stories are my lyrics”, says Javier Manik. The singer and songwriter was born in Asuncion (Paraguay), grew up in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and experienced very early in life that it takes more than money to be happy and content.

He spent his childhood and youth in the ghettos of Buenos Aires with a mother who was only 15 years old when Javier was born not knowing who is father was. “It was a tough life but I was a happy boy”, the 42-year-old looks back on this time. In those days music was already a very important part of his life: “I always loved to sing to express myself. I never went to a music school and I didn’t know much about technique, but I felt the music and I played with all my heart.”

Javiers musical influences spread from the Latin American rhythms of Cumbia, to Rock, Reggae and the Ethno-punk of bands like Mano Negra.

Javier’s outlook on life is greatly influenced by the culture of the ancient Mayans and he feels that our consumerist approach to life makes us lose respect for the simple things, for other people and for nature itself. But these are the important things if we want to survive and that’s the message in Javier’s songs. As much as life is about earning enough to pay for rent and food, it shouldn’t just be about growing richer and richer. It is about cherishing the moment – in a glance, a conversation, a poem or a song.

Whilst striving to take his music to a next level – from the streets into the studio, onto the radio and into peoples hearts and homes, Javiers philosophy remains the same: “I want my songs to be the voice of the people on the street.” Javier’s message is one of hope and optimism – offering an alternative to our life of global consumerism. No matter where in the world you live “the people on the streets don’t worry about tomorrow, because their life today is hard enough.” 

Javan The Poet








Born Javan Omondi Ofula in a family of five, a lover of literature since his days in school Javan has kept the love on by composing lots of poetry for personal nourishment till until after his O level education that he chose to go main stream by doing socially

charged pieces in different forums to champion for social justice and also appreciate African culture.  Having composed over twenty piece that saw him perform on different stages for different awards he has worked with so many artists and youth organization in line of empowering youths and arts, working on his debut album that will compose of some of his best pieces Javan has worked and shared stage with many artist from his home area and other place like Juliani, D.S.G, Sigingi ,Ghost, Rebel, Pac Duo from Kariobangi, Tall Dwarfs, ,Ade of South sudan,Lucas of the BeScot Duo from France, Anataban group from South Sudan.

Amongst many other more, working with many studios like Rojavo ,Othole fruityloops and Maxsounds of Uganda. Having worked across the border in Tanzania and most recent in Uganda on the Zinduka project that saw him do collaboration with best artists from the group Anataban and also shot a video yet to be released.

Working with the community at large Javan is the youth senate representative from Embakasi North and the co-founder of Mtoto WA Dandora an N.G.O in Dandora he is also the founder of Hip Hop cradle a movement that champions for growth of young artists, and runs a company that promotes arts and artistry in slum areas, Over two years now Javan has been on the helm of organizing events to champion youths issues, this has been through concerts like, Rhyme Mechanic in 2017, Sheng Circle season

one and two both in 2017 and 2019 respectfully, this events have brought together over 2000 youths to express themselves artistically, talk about their challenges and the very many possible solutions that have been adopted over time.

Recently he was selected to be part of the project on Promoting Sustainable Peace through the National Youth Policies in the framework of 2030 Agenda by the United Nations and Commonwealth Youths, key to him is organizing youths to self-motivate, Challenge and bridge the gap through availing resources and creating link in the Informal settlements and the most basic space of our communities.

He has recently been nominated for the Upcoming Human Rights Defender of the year 2019 a coveted prize given by the Defenders Coalition Kenya; he is also working on his debut album to be released later this year mostly focusing on social issues.

The year 2020 has not only been an interesting one for him but also has seen him work with a pool of artists under the Arts and Sports For Social Justice banner a creatives and sportsmen movement under the Justice Centers Working, a group that he has been leading for the last two and a half years now, this team comprises of over two hundred artists from all genres and forms of arts and sports, using arts to champion for Social change, with this team exposing and nurturing very strong poets, actors who have traversed the wider Nairobi and some parts of Kenya using street theatre to awaken the masses on issues of human rights and the constitution to empower a humans rights nation, this team has also used graffiti to champion for the same through visual arts, songs, poetry, dances and documentation through film and photography, currently this team is working with a team of thirty artists from three informal settlements of Nairobi namely Dandora, Kayole and Mukuru do albums on human rights issues, freedom of expression and the power of the constitution and Kenyan people.

Javan The Poet has been par​t of various movements and alliances to impact this conversations through arts, this are namely Pawa254, Fight Inequality Alliance, Silence The Gun Movement, Decoalonize movement, Activistas and Youlead which are not only local but regional too.

In this year he was selected by United Nation as one of the world artists to create the song “Imagine” that was adopted as the theme song to celebrate international Youth Day 2020 and also was part of an international panelist to discuss the power of youths collaborating with artists from all over the world, his works have been published both locally and abroad. Overtime Javan the Poet has proven to also be a prolific speaker on numerous issues and majorly on matters human rights, youths in arts, sport and leadership, sharing panels with many to shed lights and share opinions in this key conversations.

Sofiane Abdoun

Hi! I am Sofiane Abdoun.  I was born in Belgium, lived in Algeria and now I am living in Marseille, France.

Since my childhood to my 30’s , I have always been passionate about Andalusian Arbo Music. It started by listening to it in my early years, buying my first acoustic guitar, constituting my own high school band playing flamenco and gipsy music on the Algerian national radio.

Right now, I am living in France, and travelling all around Europe and North Africa, as a berber or gipsy would do. Humbly showing, and promoting on scene, my love for flamenco, gipsy, and Arab/berber music. Fusing all these to produce a unique and tasteful music experience to enjoy alone or in groups.

I usually play with my great friend Lazhar Zennou in Paris and when we are on turné.  

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Sonoras Mil

Sonoras Mil ́s music can be initially defined as “tropical-experimental

pop with a lot of groove”, evoking sounds from different parts of the

world. However, beyond labels, Sonoras Mil is a musical trip to places

that do not exist but that are still familiar, almost intimate. Each song

prompts encounters with fictional, naughty and nostalgic characters, who

celebrate the mystery of being alive.

In Sonoras Mil ́s music you can find elements of funk, reggae, dub, rock,

psychedelic cumbia, salsa, tribal, latin and electronica, all assembled in a

pop and yet alternative format.

The first album of the same name,

produced by the Grammy award music

producer Christian Castagno (Iggy pop,

Bomba Estéreo, Systema solar) in

Minca, Colombia, came to the world in

March 2015 and its digital and live

release a few months later in June and

September respectively.

Samir Mehmed

Samir Mehmed is a professional musician and pedagogue, living in Göteborg, Sweden.

He is a graduate violist and pedagogue at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje, North Macedonia.

1992-2002 Music editor of culture and art programs (radio editorial staff) in MRTV.

1995-2012 Music teacher, conductor, school coordinator and artist in Skopje.

2002-2007 Music coordinator in humanitarian organizations German Caritas, Italian Consortium Solitaire and Nadez in Skopje.

2007-2011 Music teacher (Balkan and Romani music) in Holland – Buitenkunst, Muziekpakhuis, Venster op het Oosten

2012-2021 Music teacher, artist and school mediator in Sweden.

In Balkan he worked with eminent Balkan musician and orchestras.

Nowadays Samir is living in Sweden, Goteborg and he is active musician in more music projects: GAO (Göteborgs Alternativa Orchestra, LOA (Lindholmen Orchestra Association), Bosphorus Ensemble, Bosnia Express Band, Samir Mehmed Band.

Rodrigo Pequeño & Laura Alanis

Rodrigo Pequeño is an autodidact musician from Salta,  Argentina. He began his artistic career at the age of 13 when he started playing guitar. Thus arises his artistic gifts and his passion for music. This is where he decides to join the choir led by the famous singer Daniel Toro. He also participates in artistic workshops led by Jaime Dávalos. At he age of 14, he decided to study at the "Escuela Superior de Musica of Salta" in Argentina. 

Welcome to the Rodrigo channel!. Here you will be able to find all the information you are looking for, its songs, videos, advances and unpublished content just for you.  

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Laura Alanis 48 years old, born in Salta, Argentina. 

From a very young age I started with dance classes in classical, Spanish and contemporary dances.

At the age of 18, I became an Instructor of Aerobic and Jazz Gymnastics and Modern Dance Teacher, at the same time that I was finishing my secondary studies as an Expert in Social Communications.

From there I got other titles:

• Special Education Teacher

• Kinesiologist and Physiotherapist

• K-Taping therapist

• Postgraduate in Sports Traumatology

• International Brain Gym Certification

The activities developed over the years were always related to my professions, of all of them I try to unite the most productive for each person and in this way I seek to interrelate them with the aim of uniting body, mind and soul in everything we do in life!

Harriet Kyolaba

Harriet Kyolaba lives in Helsingborg, Sweden.  She works with people with difficulties in life.  She was born in Uganda but moved to Sweden at the end of winter 84 beginning at 85.

"I have always dreamed of being an artist since I was little but have not had anyone believe in me.   So I put those dreams on hold but when in 2007 I got the lead role in the musical AIDA in Kristianstad with Emil Sigfridsson and the following year the role as Kala In the musical Tarzan then my hunger grew and the music came back in my life."

"I write a lot in periods .... but now as an adult, the dreams have been filled with new dreams and passions that I try to combine .... my designs, and baking, work as a model,  blog and try to be a positive role model for many girls / women out there and remind that no matter what we went through, we are good as we are."

"In November 2020, I fel