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Each woman has a story to tell and is able to motivate many others to dare to embrace their dreams, take their fears by the hand and dress in light thanks to their talents.

This space, where every fortnight the experience of women from various professions and trades is narrated, is a window through which you can approach them, with the purpose that they are your inspiration to encourage you to live the life you want. 

Your journey begins today, woman!

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CSS - Costa Sierra y Selva Perú 

Rosita, Carla & Astrid

From Perú living in Sweden


We are Rosita, Carla, and Astrid, born in Peru, and founders of Costa, Sierra y Selva Peru. We arrived to Sweden due to family, work, and studies motives, and soon found our place w​ithin the Swedish culture.

Our journey with the Peruvian typical dances in Sweden, began in 2021 with a dance group in Malmö. The following year, we decided to form a new group based in Lund, where we could put on display and share our beloved culture.

What we enjoy the most about our dance group, is that we all can contribute to the best of our skills, and motivate each other constantly. Besides our daily responsibilities such as those related to motherhood, jobs, studies, and self-development, we maintain a strong commitment with the beautiful traditions of our country.

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Marlene Stål Linder


My name is Marlene Stål Linder and I am a coach in personal development and a certified Craniosacral Therapist.

I have experience of working with people I have accumulated through my 27 years as a police officer.  My great interest has always been human health and well-being.

I have training in personal development with programs from Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and Joe Dispenza.

My vision is to help you have a better mental and physical health, no matter what your dreams and goals are!

I want you to understand that you have an inherent power that is just waiting to be brought to life.

You are so welcome to read more about my work 

and to contact me on my web and social media which appears below.

Regards! Marlene

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Sussi Stjernholm


My name is Susanne "Sussi " Stjernholm.

I am living on the outskirts of Kristianstad in a small town called Färlöv with my cats and dogs, in Sweden.

I have four adult children and two grandchildren.

Now I work in a contact center and it will finish this year.

in 2017 I founded a company whose motto is

"We inspire healthy living around the world" and I fell in love

and started my personal journey.

I felt wonderful, so I started working to help others.

so if you want a healthy lifestyle you can contact me on facebook

where I also have photos of the products.

Have a nice day // Susanne

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Eva Guillén


My name is Eva and I am an artist and musician. I am a life artist and have learned to survive. I have lived an intense life in the present, which also has, when difficulties arose, made me strong and feel that I can do anything.  

Something that make me extremely angry are injustices and I have been bullied.  I have noticed that racism makes me go into Suicide mode. But they should not have me so easily. I'm fighting for it and now I want to study eco-engineering.  

My mother has stood by my side in good and bad times.  So when I felt very bad, she was close to giving up. Today I feel good, and live more than survive, as I have done for many years.  When you survive, without living life, you become strong, but you also get tired of fighting.   Giving up was never an option!  I have learned to channel my anger in humor blogs, and poetry blogs:

I have plans to sell pillows and canvas with my art and what I have done.  It would be fun to make money on art before you die, as many other famous artists have done, become millionaires after death.  But death is everyone's concern, there is only one of yourself, you!

It's important to be kind to the person you are. Be yourself, and be honest.  If time is changing, and you do not know what to relate to, feel with your heart.  You are just You and You are unique, take advantage of that gift.  Write gratitude books.! 

When you have fought for a long time, there comes a turning point, where you realize that the difficult gives you the strength to create culture, music, art and whatever you want.  The universe is big, and it is for everyone, even your worst enemy wants to be loved.

Regards! Eva. 

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Rinella Rioda


I am Rinella Rioda and I am living in Malmö, Sweden.

The year was 1967 when my parents told me that we would move home to Sweden.  Yes, home for my parents but not for me.  I was born in Stockholm , my mother was Italian and my father Swedish.  When I was one year old, we moved to Japan and lived there for seven years.  Japan was like a beloved mother to me who lovingly embraced me.  So, the message that i Would be forced to abandon my beloved Japan was very painful for me.  

Despite this and the difficulties I had due to the fact that I could speak Italian, Japanese and English but not Swedish, I was able to integrate into Swedish society, understanding in my adulthood how difficult it is for immigrants to settle in another country, with another culture and another language, I dedicated myself to work as an educator for immigrant women and parents in Eslöv City, Sweden. 

Another of my great passions is working as an inspirer for elderly women.  My mission is to inspire  women 50+ to see the greatness of all life experience they have so she can take advantage of it and fully enjoy her life and be, in the same time, a source of inspiration to her surroundings.  Through workshops and study circles I inspires elderly women to own their self-worth and vitality.  As a mature women, she gives the permission to put herself in the center and passionately enjoy the third act in life and flourish for herself and the world.  

My premise is "If I Can Inspire a Woman to see the greatness of owning their age then I have succeeded".  

Follow me and read more about me and my work in my social media,  Hugs Rinella! 

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Eira Malmros Manfrinato

My name is Eira Malmros Manfrinato.

 I was born and raised in Malmö, a city I really love and always miss if I am away for too long. I grew up in a loving household with two languages and cultures; Swedish and Italian. I am currently working at (the?) International Women’s Association in Malmö, with various projects that support foreign born women in Sweden in different capacities.

Growing up in the multicultural city of Malmö and being mixed myself, I developed a fascination for diversity and the relations between cultures. This lead me to study International Migration & Ethnic Relations at Malmö University and later Social Pedagogy, to be able to further develop my skills in Social Work. I worked with unaccompanied minors during my years in university, and now I feel very lucky to work with women’s rights, as well as their inclusion and participation in society. My mother and grandmother have always been inspirations of mine regarding female empowerment and independence. They are the proof of how strong, wise and capable women are.

I have been competing in gymnastics and vaulting for many years. As an adult, dance came into my life, I love to dance both salsa and bachata. Dance for me is a way to express emotions, share joy with others, and to heal and grow. I also love to teach others how to dance, so we can all share that joy together.

I believe in the importance of loving ourselves, both the body and soul, finding acceptance, listening to and learning from each other, cooperating and daring to fight for what is right; both the big and the small things in life.​

Regards, Eira! 

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Sandra Opazo


 My name is Sandra opazo, originally from Chile. I came to Sweden 34 years ago. Has worked in the school world for about 16 years, of which recent years in adult education. 

 Through those years I’ve met women and men from different cultures and ethnicities with dreams and visions. To accompany them on their journey, listen, help, guide and educate has been an incredibly rewarding journey and development for myself as a woman. 

Giving back what my mother and I once got back in time when we came to Sweden helping others to find a place in society.  I see as overthrowing the profit I made in my new homeland.

Big regards!  Sandra. 

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Get to know  Susanne Jarlskog

Hi! I am Susanne Jarlskog!

I am a trained coach (ICF certified) and through coaching and conversation counseling I often help people who are stuck in life. It can be about being stuck in a bad relationship, losing motivation at work, or lacking energy and stamina with everyday life. Others feel bad because of stress, that they have a bad self-esteem or self-confidence, or they have simply lost faith in themselves. We have many fears that prevent us from letting go, from moving on, from feeling good. Our self-image and attitude are related to our inner voice, how we talk to ourselves and others.

What prevents you from reaching your goals, getting where you want to go? Is it your old habitual patterns that set the hook? Unfortunately, we are all programmed from childhood, for better or worse.

Ä Since my childhood I have supported and helped my friends. It has always been natural for me to listen, encourage, coach. During my professional career, I have worked with advice in health, wellness and interior design, both privately and in companies. Fifteen years ago, it felt natural for me to train as a coach.

From my own experience, I know that when we follow our heart and listen inward, magical things happen. It is in the power within us that we find the ability, strength and courage to live the life we ​​desire and feel the best of. I help people with that! I am passionate about inspiring and supporting people in daring to live their lives to the fullest.

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Get to know  Carina Notivoli


I am Carina Notivoli. Mother of three sons, nurse and artist.  My life, as I suppose everyone elses too, has been an adventure.  

I was born with father unknown and a story that involved trauma, addiction and mystery.

All I knew as a child was that my father was called Jesus, and already as a small girl I decided I was going to find him, which I did.

In search for truth and life I ended up in Malaga, Spain as a young woman studying at a private language school and at the University for foreign exchange.

I took my exam as a nurse 1996, and have been working as a nurse in different departments ever since.

In search for meaning, purpose and truth I have searched in many different forums and traditions. I tried politics through a feminist political party and was a member of a orthodox christian church for two years just to illustrate my broad search.

I also survived an emotionally abusive relationship.

Just to find out that truth is mainly found within, but is accessed easier in relation to outside, and that my expression has to be mainly an artistic one.

I have been writing all my life as a way to put my thoughts down and a form of self therapy.  Many notebooks and diarys has been thrown at the dump through the years. It was first last year I realised I wanted to be a storyteller.  A writer.

I am publishing my first novel in june through ”Lassbo förlag” . It is the first in a series of three books called ”Alma Mater”, where the first book is called ”Dad where are you?”.

I am also writing a screenplay. I dare dream that my story will become a movie one day.

I believe that we need to be our own heroes in life. To take our stories at hand and create our own myths. The world is made through stories, and as long as we live from the old ones we can not create what is needed for a new world to unfold.

My vision and dream is that every human being, especially women (since I know something about how hard it can be to be a woman in this world) is brought to a safe place, where their basic needs are met and for everybodys right to be free and express themselves, and Love whoever one wants. And from that place I want every woman to go wild and create their story just the way of their dreams. That is the kind of empowerment I want to see. And it will benefit all. As a mother of three sons that is really important to me. I do not want to see my sons suffer from our old stories about the world.

I also write poetry and paint, which is an area I hope to explore more.

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Get to know  Clotilde Ragone

Dear friends, I am Clotilde Ragone.  I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1950, and when I was very young, my family and I moved to Salta. 

I had a difficult life, when my father, governor in Argentina disappeared, he was kidnapped.  We fight until we get justice. 

Since then I have been able to find some peace.  

 I found a beautiful friend and teacher who inspired me to start painting, only 5 years ago.

Art changed my life, I live to paint.   It gives me a lot of peace, peace  that I hope many of you have.  I already have more than 100 works and I continue with great enthusiasm.  

I have been married for 53 years and very happy, we have 3 beautiful and very good children.  we are a happy family. I thank life for everything it has given me.  

Fight for your dreams fantastic woman, no matter your age, just follow what your heart dictates.  Big, big kisses for all of you, sincerely, Clotilde. 

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Get to know  Louise Hävre

Louise Hävre.  Born 1962 in Risinge in northern Östergötland, grew up outside Falkenberg.

When my brother died ten years ago, he left a brush and the gift to paint for me. He was not a famous artist but had talent. I began to paint myself out of grief and I clearly felt that I wanted, and hopefully could, share with people who are having a hard time.

I mostly paint in oil and acrylic in my studio on northern Öland. I work a lot with the feeling and let the image grow by painting layer upon layer and take advantage of the image that fades in the painting. The purpose of my art is to reach out and convey above all harmony and joy. My hope is that the viewer will be able to make a journey into the image and be able to see through their own imagination what is happening in the image. I also want the viewer to experience a tension such as a secret in reality.

From those who have looked at my paintings, it has been expressed that they move between the small world of quantum physics and the large universe.

I focus on parts that highlight the message and tone down the other. My art is more abstract expressionist, more imaginative than abstract art usually is. It is difficult to find artists who paint in this genre. Today I also added painting on leaves from banana trees that Tibetan monks have trampled on for three years to get a papyrus leaf. There is a lot of life in these paintings as the structure is a bit uneven.


Vatikanen Rom.  City Hall Cantalici, Italien. Stockholms Universitet.  Liberala katolska Kyrkan. 


Eriksson Linköping.

Danderyds Sjukhus, Stockholm.

Universitetssjukhuset, Linköping.

Cloettas Konstförening, Ljungsbro.

Blekingesjukhuset Karlskrona.


Månadens konstnär i Svenska konstnärer, 2014.

Månadens konstnär i Svenska konstnärs- förbundet, 2014.

Cantalici Italien 2014 Pris för det sensoriska sinnet.

There is much more to know about this fantastic woman,  author of the book  "Det du inte ser".   I invite you to visit 

Louise´s web page and her social media,  you will be surprised! 

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Get to know  Raquel Papalardo

My name is Raquel Papalardo. I was born and live in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. Since I was little I dreamed of being a teacher, finally I decided to be a Geography Teacher, specialist in Environment and Sustainable Development.

After 20 years as a teacher in different institutions and different educational levels: initial (3-6 years), primary (6-12 years), middle (13-18 years) tertiary (adults), and at the University.

Then I ventured into school conduction for another 20 years and directed a shift at the middle level of the Mariano Acosta school founded in 1874, at the beginning of the Argentine National Organization, a leading institution in the training of male teachers, with which its mark it was the patriarchy.  At the end of my teaching career I culminated in it as Rector.

I have always been committed to defending the rights of education workers and the rights of children and adolescents. I had to fight a lot together with the community and the Union of Education Workers' union, a member of CTERA, against the neoliberal government of the City of Buenos Aires that ruled from 2007 to the present, however the National and Popular Government From that moment, it allowed the school to advance in numerous projects and rights.

Difficult to explain in a few lines what was done together with a community committed to the public. With my direction we built the 19th century school, which due to malpractice was uninhabitable because a ceiling had fallen. With the struggle of all of us, we set up this palace school: student teachers, families and the union.

The fight was constant for scholarships, for resources for school operations, for restoration, for the opening of other spaces. All efforts were made for the benefit of the community in the face of the inaction of a government of the City of Buenos Aires responsible for our school.

With the community we started hugs the school, the students took “shots” of the institution, with the legal consequences towards me and persecution, community marches with the UTE Union. We finally managed to open the Julio Cortázar theater, the initial level and the school radio, always with the support of the National Government.

We also develop the plans and curriculum established by the National and jurisdictional Government and we also carry out 25 projects at all educational levels. The school was transformed into a space that spread education and culture: night of museums, opera, theater, choral events, visit of personalities among them the President of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Estela de Carlotto, Professor Nita Freire wife of Paulo Freire , the Brother of Che Guevara and many others.

With a lot of effort we arrived with cultural activities to the neighborhood and the country. We continue and start solidarity, pedagogical and cultural trips to the border with Chile and to the north of the country. We also started the opening with our brother country Brazil pedagogical exchanges.

Unfortunately after everything done with the community, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires stopped me from my duties because of my age. They argued that I should withdraw, without prior report, on Friday, June 30, 2017.

It was the moment of my retirement, with a lot of pain, with everything to give and with a lot of desire to do.

Today from different parts of society the fight continues, for the rights of the most humble, for the inclusion in education of the weakest and for respect for the environment.

Best regards


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Get to know  Annica Sörén


My name is Annica Sörén and I’m an amateur photographer. I’ve been interested in pictures as long as I can remember and I got my first small camera when I was ten years old. Over the years I’ve had a few cameras, but nothing fancy or really good.

But when I signed up for a course at Biskops Arnö in 2016, learning the basics in photography, I bought a system camera, a Canon. And that was a like opening a new door.

I began to use my camera in a new way and I brought it with me everywhere. Soon after that I invested in a new lens, a macro. And that opened another door. Suddenly I could go really really close and shoot details in a completely new way.

My photos mainly consist of nature; water, sky, greenery and animals/insects. The light is a major part in photography and quite often I just grab my camera, jump into my boots and run out to catch the light after a heavy rain or a sudden change of weather. My camera is my passion and it makes me feel both free and happy.

I would be honored if you would like to follow me on Instagram.  My account is annicasoren.


Best regards